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There is Hope Yet!

This evening I spent about an hour and a half at the Careers in Creative Industries event, the biggest careers event of the year relating to media and communications at Cambridge University. I’d been trying to psych myself up for this event for some time, because I knew it was supposed to involve that dreaded thing called Networking. I think networking is all well and good when you actually have something to say for yourself about who you are and what you do, but when you don’t, it becomes sort of like “Hi, my name’s Rebecca and I … er … am currently wasting your time.”

I went to a dedicated session on networking in the creative industries (specifically aimed at building up the skills needed for this event) last week, and I was less awful at it than I thought I’d be; but there’s a difference between doing roleplay exercises with a lecture theatre full of students who are exactly as clueless as you are, and staring down an aisle lined with tables manned by suited professionals trying to decide who looks least intimidating to talk to, or hanging around trying to look like you have a reason to be there while you’re waiting for a particular person to be free for you to talk with.